How Can You Prevent Spot Breakouts After Waxing?

One way to prevent a spot breakout after waxing is to apply ice to the waxed area afterwards. In addition, using hydrocortisone creams on the affected area helps.

There are several ways individuals can prevent breakouts after waxing:

  • After waxing, apply a 1-percent hydrocortisone cream to the area twice a day. As waxing pulls the hair from its root, it can cause redness and irritation, which manifest in the form of bumps. Hydrocortisone combats inflammation.
  • Keep the waxed area cool and clean for 24-48 hours after waxing. This means not touching it too often, as touching the waxed area spreads bacteria to it. In addition, wear loose-fitting clothing to ensure the area does not overheat.
  • If spots do appear, try using an antibacterial skin wash or cleanser. Combine this with antiseptic products, which are effective when applied regularly.
  • Try using a cream depilatory between waxes. As it reduces the hair's ability to grow in the follicle, it limits the number of times one needs to wax, which in turn eliminates the irritation that causes breakouts.

If waxing continues to produce a rash or spot breakouts despite taking the above measures, it may be the case that dermatitis is present. When this happens, trying a different form of hair removal is recommended.