How Can You Prevent Your Shoes From Squeaking?

Shoes can be prevented from squeaking by application of baby powder, petroleum jelly, fabric softener or silicone spray. The method used to stop the squeaking depends in part on the location of the squeak and the type of shoe involved.

Squeaks in athletic shoes can be stopped by dusting under the insole with baby powder. Leather athletic shoes can be oiled with petroleum jelly to stop squeaks; applying petroleum jelly under the insole also sometimes solves the problem. Squeaks in the tongue area of an athletic shoe can sometimes be stopped by rubbing the tongue with saddle soap. If the sole of a shoe is squeaking, it may have become hardened. In such cases, rubbing the sole with sandpaper may stop the annoying sound. Placing a sponge with a dab of fabric softener on it inside a shoe, then putting the shoe into the clothes dryer for just a few minutes is also effective. If a shoe squeaks while wet, stuff it with paper towels and let it dry.

Baby powder also works to stop squeaks in good leather shoes. If squeaks persist, spray some silicone spray or a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray on a cotton ball, then massage it into the stitching of the shoe.