How Can You Prevent Chafing?

How Can You Prevent Chafing?

To prevent chafing, use talcum powder and petroleum jelly on target spots. Select clothing that fits your body well and is made of breathable fabrics. Treat chafed skin immediately to prevent the condition from getting worse.

  1. Apply talcum powder

    Apply talcum powder to areas that get especially sweaty. Damp skin tends to chafe worse than dry skin, so using talcum powder to wick away moisture prevents the problem.

  2. Use a lubricant

    For areas that are especially prone to chafing, use lubrication. Apply a think coat of petroleum jelly to the affected area to reduce friction during movement.

  3. Put on patches

    To avoid getting petroleum jelly and other lubricants on clothing, apply an adhesive bandage over the area.

  4. Select snug clothing

    Choose clothes that fit snugly but not too tight. Look for clothes that have just a few seams, as the friction between seams and the skin also causes chafing.

  5. Look for breathable fabrics

    Select fabrics that allow skin to breathe. Also look for clothes made to wick moisture away from the skin. Wash clothes regularly, and never exercise in new garments before washing them first, as dust and starch in new clothes can cause chafing.

  6. Treat chafed skin immediately

    As soon as skin starts showing signs of chafing, treat it to avoid further irritation. Use cool water to cleanse the area, and pat it dry. Apply a lubricant to prevent further friction.