How Can Plumpness Be Restored to the Lips As One Ages Without Injections or Surgery?


According to Elsa McAlonan on, the best nonsurgical way to plump lips is to use concealers, Fraxel laser treatments, lip plumpers, prescription creams and semi-permanent makeup. While these may not have quite the same result as injectable fillers like Botox or Restylane, they can create beautiful, natural-looking lips.

McAlonan and her team of experts notes that concealer offers a great way to make the lips look fuller. Shiseido Benefiance Full Correction Lip Treatment is a concealer that can be applied to lips as a base. Because this concealer is infused with collagen, it gives lips a fuller appearance. Once it is applied, fill in the lips with lip liner and lipstick. Another suggestion is Fraxel laser treatment. It can help to reduce lip lines, sun damage, pigmentation and fine lines.

McAlonan also suggests lip plumpers. These products, such as Bourjois Pulp Action, draw blood to the mouth area thus creating an illusion of fullness. Prescription creams are also helpful in banishing unwanted lip lines. According to McAlonan, creams with 0.05 percent tretinoin can help get rid of unwanted fine lines. Permanent makeup offers another way to simulate the appearance of fullness. The Facial Aesthetic Micro Enhancement, or FAME, technique can help to contour the lips, disguise scarring or correct an uneven lip.