How Can You Know If a Pixie Haircut Is Right for You?


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To know if a pixie haircut is right for you, consider the texture of your hair, your facial shape and the type of style you want. Pixie cuts are generally better suited for thin hair because they add thickness and volume at the crown of the head. A pixie cut on thick hair looks heavy and is messier or less structured.

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Pixie haircuts look best on people who have straight or slightly wavy hair texture. Those with curly hair can wear a pixie haircut well, but only if the hair is straightened daily because of the volume the cut creates, making curls look out of proportion. A pixie cut is a complimentary cut for those who have an oval or diamond shaped face. It does not flatter a round face shape.

A pixie haircut is very short and boyish in style and may not appear feminine on some women. Make a personal choice about complementing your hair with more feminine clothing and makeup or an edgy look. If your goal is to create an androgynous look, wear any clothing you feel achieves that look and style the pixie cut to suit it. Because the haircut is so short, it is easy to care for and style but options are more limited than longer styles.

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