Where Can I Find Pictures of Tattoo Art?


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Images of tattoo art can be found both in print, online and at local tattoo parlors. Online galleries, such as those available at the Tattoo Johnny and Inked Magazine websites, offer a variety of tattoos sorted by subject, artist and body placement. Websites with user-generated galleries, such as Pinterest, also host images of tattoo art.

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Tattoo art is available in print at most major bookstores. Inked Magazine publishes a printed version of their galleries and articles, alongside other tattoo-oriented magazines. "Blood and Ink: The Art of the Tattoo," by Russ Thorne, includes information about tattoo placement and symbolism in addition to images. "The Tattoo Bible," a series of tattoo anthologies for artists by Superior Tattoo, contains thousands of images. Both of these publications are available at major booksellers such as Barnes & Noble.

Local tattoo parlors also display large collections of tattoo art. Potential customers are encouraged to view images for inspiration. Customers can also create custom tattoo images by working with artists. In these cases, the customer and artist discuss style, content and placement, and the tattoo artist sketches their design on paper for approval by the customer. The art on display varies in style from artist to artist, and the parlors' websites typically feature galleries that include the artists' past work.

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