Where Can You Find Pictures of People With a Short Bob Haircut?

To find photographs of people with a short bob haircut, type "short bob hairstyles" into the Google search bar and press Enter. Underneath the search bar is a number of options; click on Images to find hundreds of photographs and illustrations.

When you finish with the first page, click More Images at the bottom of the page to find a new selection. If you find the perfect bob haircut, select the image, print it, and take it to your stylist as a guide.

Another useful resource is Latest-Hairstyles.com. This website shows the short bob from many different angles. Printing the image and showing it to the stylist is a good way to let him know exactly what you have in mind. A valuable website for showing similar hairstyles with different hair textures hair is Short-Haircut.com. Beauty.About.com also has many pictures of various short bob haircuts.

Short bobs come in a variety of lengths, ranging from just below the jaw line to just below the cheekbones. Short bobs work well the same length all the way around or inverted to be shorter in the back and longer in the front. Layers are sometimes added to short bobs to add volume and movement. Short bobs support different hair textures, whether curly, wavy or straight. Both thick hair and thin hair work for a short bob haircut.