Where Can I Find Pictures of Nail Art Designs?


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Nail art designs can be found online and in popular health and beauty magazines. Additionally, most nail salons carry a book of designs for patrons to view.

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Nail art is the creative decoration of finger and toe nails with polish, designs, and accoutrements. It is not a new discipline. The Chinese were using enamel to paint their nails in 3,000 B.C. Egyptians and Indians also used decorations for their nails. Nail art design has only shot into popularity with western cultures in the last century.

Nails can be decorated with different colors, beads and jewels. They can also be shaped for decoration. A popular trend for nail shaping is the stiletto, where nails are shaped into triangular claw-like forms. Nails can also be rounded off or squared.

While professional nail art can be provided at nail salons, kits are also available for purchase to obtain salon-quality nail art at home. Acrylic nails can be applied for a long-lasting look or for those who desire a longer length. Acrylics come in gels, paints and powders that can be applied directly to the natural nail. They must be removed with special solutions, however, and some people feel that the process is harmful to healthy nails.

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