Where Can You Find Pictures of Foot Tattoos?

Many tattoo design websites, such as Tattoo Easily and Tattoo Design, feature galleries of foot tattoos. Tattoo Easily features a collection of 30 of the site's favorite foot tattoo designs, while Tattoo Design features over 60 images of foot tattoos.

Foot tattoo designs featured in Tattoo Easily's gallery include pirate-inspired skulls, nautical his-and-her tattoos, peacock feathers, henna-inspired mandalas and birds. Tattoo Design's gallery includes hearts, stars, lizards and tribal-inspired designs.

Tattoo artists and enthusiasts often consider the foot to be one of the most painful areas to get tattooed. The soles of the feet are particularly sensitive, so sole tattoos are may be uncomfortable. Foot tattoos are easy to display or cover based on the recipient's choice of footwear.