Where Can I Find Pictures of Eye Makeup?

Many websites offer photos of eye makeup, with some also providing tutorials on how to create the look shown in the picture. Among the sites with helpful photos are Stylecraze, Maybelline, PhotoFreak.us and Jane Iredale of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics.

Stylecraze offers 20 eye makeup looks, many of them exotic and dramatic. Looks include Arabic style makeup, peacock and leopard looks, glitter eyes and rocker-styled makeup. Most of the looks have links to detailed tutorials showing how to create the specific look.

Maybelline provides 35 eye makeup tutorials that include special demonstrations of makeup designed for holidays, weddings, nights out and the workplace. All the tutorials include many visuals of the finished look, as well as all the steps along the way.

PhotoFreak.us displays 38 photos of makeup specifically designed for women with brown eyes. The site points out that brown eyes are probably the most versatile when it comes to makeup choices, since most colors work well with them.

The high-end makeup line from Jane Iredale offers not only appealing pictures of makeup, but also instructions on how to duplicate the looks seen in the photos. These looks tend toward the natural and simple, with a focus on daytime looks.