Where Can You View Pictures of a Brazilian Wax?

Several body care and grooming websites, such as BodyRest.com and BodyRock.tv, feature animated charts that depict different interpretations and styles common in most Brazilian wax techniques. Many individual salons also display procedural pictures on their websites, but patients should be warned that these images often contain male or female nudity.

A Brazilian wax is a distinct style of pubic hair grooming wherein all visible pubic hair is removed through the application, and then removal, of hot wax to the front and back of the pubic region. The hot wax often reaches temperatures of 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Estheticians traditionally have performed Brazilian waxes on female patients, although some men choose to undergo the procedure as well. Brazilian waxes are desired for many different reasons, including aesthetic preference, cultural tradition or hygienic purposes.

The Brazilian wax is believed to have originated in its modern form in 1987 at the J. Sisters salon in Midtown Manhattan. The salon was opened by seven sisters who were recent immigrants from Brazil. After the positive portrayal of a character's Brazilian wax in a popular episode of "Sex and the City" in 2000, the Brazilian has become a much more commonly accepted procedure that is offered at many salons across the world.