Where Can You Find Pictures of Angel Tattoos?


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Angel tattoos can be found on the Tattoo Easily and All Cool Tattoos websites and by conducting a simple image search in Google. This form of body art can be intricate or abstract in nature. Angel tattoos often serve as symbols of divine protection.

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Angels were originally associated with the Christian idea of heaven, as they are the beings that dwell there. Angel tattoos are now universally appealing to those who believe in the ideals of good fortune and protection. Angels are seen as beings that give humans messages or instructions from God. In Latin, the word "angel" means "messenger of God." People of Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths are often drawn to the tattoo designs.

It is also believed that angels have the responsibility of protecting the realm that exists between Earth and Heaven, and are assigned to protect human beings from danger. According to All Cool Tattoos, guardian angels have human features, but possess large wings. Angel tattoos are popular among people with children, as these individuals may want to express their desire to always protect and watch over their sons and daughters. Cherub angel tattoos, which depict angels that look like a babies, represent love. A cherub with a trumpet is a sign for victory.

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