Where Can You Find Pictures of African-American Hair Styles for Kids?

can-pictures-african-american-hair-styles-kids Credit: quavondo/E+/Getty Images

Hair-related websites, such as TheRightHairstyles.com, are helpful resources for pictures of African-American hairstyles for kids. Sites catering to African-Americans, such as MadameNoire.com, are also useful resources.

TheRightHairstyle.com specializes in style inspiration for hair, and the site features a slide show for African-American kids. Each slide consists of an image of the style on a real model. A short description with tips on how to create that style accompanies each image.

Latest-Hairstyles.com is another hair-based website with an article on hairstyles for African-American children. The article showcases 14 hairstyles, with two pictures for each style, as of 2015. Each style includes instructions for how to create the look, recommended products and tips to make styling the hair easier. The description also details which face shapes and hair types work best for the hairstyle.

NaturalHairCare.com is a comprehensive site for African-American hairstyles. The site features numerous picture galleries for styles such as cornrows, short styles, holiday looks and hairstyles for men. There's a section devoted to children that offers image links for the hairstyles. Each link leads to a full tutorial for creating the style complete with tools needed, instructions and step-by-step pictures.

The style section of About.com also features an article about hairstyles for African-American children. The article includes 10 styles with pictures and instructions for creating the look.

MadameNoire.com features a series of slides with pictures of hairstyles on African-American kids.