Where Can You View Picture Tutorials for Short Hair Styles?

View picture tutorials for short hair styles on the fashion and lifestyle websites Polkadotted.com, Fashionsy.com and StyleMotivation.com. Latest-Hairstyles.com is another website that features such tutorials.

Fashionsy.com has picture tutorials for short hair styles, including a French braid up-do, a quick twist, a topsy tail twisted up-do, and different types of braided and wavy short hair. The tutorials on this website depict the hair models either doing their hair by themselves or with the help of a stylist.

The lifestyle website Polkadotted.com has picture tutorials depicting styles such as a short hair half up-do, a messy top knot, and loose curls or waves. These tutorials are good for all different lengths of short hair.

Latest-Hairstyles.com features five different picture tutorials specifically for creating up-dos with short hair. These include an easy poofy bun, a double braided up-do, a victory roll with waves and a romantic up-do. Some of the styles discussed in this article have video tutorials, as well.

StyleMotivation.com has a list of 21 different short hair tutorials, including a short hair chignon that calls for an elastic headband to complete the look. Some of these tutorials have written instructions along with the images, but others consist of just pictures. The hair models depicted have many different colors and textures of hair.