Where Can You Find Free Phentex Slipper Patterns?

Ravelry.com offers a free Phentex slipper pattern online with photographs and step-by-step instructions. The U.K site ReadiCut.co.uk also offers Phentex patterns for origami- and loafer-style slippers for free download. Knitters using the Readicut patterns need to consult a knitting needle size conversion chart and a shoe size conversion chart to convert U.K. sizes to U.S. sizes.

Ravelry's Phentex slipper pattern is a striped design with a pompom that is suitable for men, women and children. The pattern also provides instructions for knitting the slippers in a checkerboard pattern. Other variations include knitting the slippers in a single color, leaving off the pompom, and replacing the pompom with a knitted bow.

Readicut offers two different slipper patterns. The origami-style slippers are knitted in one or two colors and include a cuff that covers the ankle. The loafer-style slippers are crocheted in a single color and are designed for men. The patterns' instructions use U.K.numbering for knitting needles and shoe sizes.

Phentex wool is a particularly hardwearing and stain resistant material that does not lose shape through stretching or shrinking. Knitting-Warehouse sells Phentex slipper and craft yarns online in a range of single colors including bright neons and mottled heather designs. The site also sells Bernat yarn that is suited to slippers.