Where Can You Get Pewdiepie Merchandise?


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Pewdiepie merchandise is available at Redbubble, Zazzle and the official store powered by Shopify, The merchandise includes T-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, iPhone cases and stickers.

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Some Pewdiepie merchandise features Pewdiepie's photo, cartoon versions of Pewdiepie, or phrases such as "Bro fist," "Bro Army" or "Falcon Lovers." Other merchandise makes reference to games he has played, including "Slender," "Amnesia: the Dark Descent" and "Happy Wheels." Pewdiepie's official store has a more limited selection of merchandise than the other two stores. All three online stores have men's and women's sizes of clothing; Zazzle also offers children's sizes.

Pewdiepie is the online pseudonym for Felix Kjellberg, who is 24 years old and lives in Sweden as of 2015. He began recording himself playing video games and uploading those videos to YouTube in 2010. He now has more than 32 million subscribers to his channel. His focus is generally on obscure and indie games, but those games often become popular after being featured on his channel. His videos that have gained the most views are his montages of funny moments from other videos. Though Pewdiepie has a large fan base in many countries, he has also faced criticism for yelling, swearing and offensive behavior.

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