What Can a Person Do to Tan Faster in a Tanning Bed?

Effective strategies for tanning faster in a tanning bed include exfoliating the night before tanning, using a tanning oil with an included bronzer and using a bed with bronzing bulbs. According to Tan'r You, tanning oils promote even tanning on all exposed skin. The effects of a tanning bed take up to 48 hours to develop, and bronzing lotions provide instant results in the intervening period.

Tan'r You explains that accelerator lotions are another effective way to quickly develop a tan. These products increase skin's sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, promoting faster tanning. Many also include bronzers.

According to Tantalizing Tanning, the speed at which skin tans depends heavily on the style of tanning bed, how many bulbs it has and how old the bulbs are. New bulbs reduce tanning time. It also helps to tan in beds with large numbers of bulbs. Tanning salons frequently offer several bed styles for customers with different tanning objectives.

Other factors that affect tanning speed are tanning frequency and the presence of a base tan. A base tan is an initial, mild tan that reduces the risk of tanning bed burns and increases skin's melatonin production, speeding up future tanning sessions. Regular tanning maintains the base tan and makes it easier to go darker when necessary.