How Can a Person Get Rid of Red Veins on the Face?


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Laser therapy, intense pulsated light therapy and Veinwave therapies can be used to eliminate red spider veins on the face. Avoidance of alcohol and sun exposure can help reduce the appearance of the veins and can prevent them from occurring, according to Patrick Bowler, cosmetic doctor, on the Guardian.

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The most common reason for small, red veins on the face is genetics. The genetics of parents play a large role in the way that veins will show up on their older children's faces. This is something that cannot be prevented, but choosing preventative measures will help reduce the instances of the red veins on the face. It is important that the skin stay moisturized and clean. This will reduce the appearance and will ensure that the veins are properly hydrated.

Sun exposure and alcohol use can cause the veins on the face to become more prominent and can cause them to become more visible. The veins will always be more visible on people who have lighter skin tones. Laser therapy and light therapies will reduce the appearance of the veins by correcting the skin to have an even tone. Most therapies require several visits to a cosmetic dermatologist. Most red veins on the face can be eliminated with several laser therapy sessions.

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