How Can a Person Remove Eyelash Extensions?


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Eyelash extensions can be gently removed by using a steam treatment. Although these extensions typically fall out on their own within a couple weeks of application, it is best to gently remove any that are left behind.

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How Can a Person Remove Eyelash Extensions?
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Eyelash extensions are individual lashes glued to the lash line, preferably by a professional at a salon. They are available in synthetic, silk and mink versions, and come in varied sizes to match the wearer's natural lashes. One can get a full set or a half set, depending on preference, and they need to be touched up every few weeks. With caution, eyelash extensions can be removed at home.

Step 1: Wash the face

Avoiding the eye area, cleanse the face as usual.

Step 2: Apply steam to the face

Fill a medium-sized bowl or other container with very hot water. Stand over the steaming water, and cover the head with a towel to keep the steam in. Allow the steam to reach the face, and hold the head over the water bowl for about 15 minutes.

Step 3: Wipe the lashes

Apply a small amount of a gentle oil, like olive oil, to a cotton ball or pad, and use it to wipe the lash line. The lash extensions should have been loosened enough by the steam to slide off.

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