How Can a Person Make a T-Shirt Order Form?

To make a T-shirt order form, the drafter opens a new document in a word processing program like Microsoft Word, then creates a table in which customers can indicate what they want to order. Drop-down boxes, check boxes and other tools make t-shirt order forms more efficient.

T-shirt order forms can be filled out digitally or manually. Creating them in Microsoft Word gives customers the choice of printing them out or adding their information electronically.

Step 1: Create a table

The drafter should insert a table in the document with enough rows and columns to satisfy a typical order. Columns might include the item number, item description, size, price, color and quantity, while the rows allow customers to fill in their desired t-shirt orders. The final row should request a total amount owed. In boxes where the seller wants customers to make selections from a list, include each item as well as a radio button or check box, which are found under the "Developer" tab in Microsoft Word 2007 and above.

Step 2: Create a second table for contact information

The second table allows customers to provide their names, addresses, telephone numbers and payment information. If they are submitting a check, for example, the table might provide a space for the customer to write check numbers and amounts. The same is true for credit and debit card orders.

Step 3: Personalize the document

At the top or bottom of the order form, the drafter should include personal information about the seller. Inserting the logo or business name helps brand the order form and establish professionalism. Other data, such as contact information for the seller, allows customers to get in touch if they have questions or concerns.