How Can a Person Fix a Broken Umbrella?

To fix a broken umbrella, apply a patch or solder, depending on which part is broken. Duct tape can also be used for temporary repairs.

The value of the umbrella should determine how it is fixed. In an emergency, however, a duct tape patch can fix the canopy or broken metal parts, but the umbrella should be fixed properly as soon as possible. Valuable vintage umbrellas need more detailed repair work to retain value compared to what cheaper umbrellas need.

Step 1: Identify and fix the material

If the canopy of a modern umbrella is torn, a piece of ripstop nylon tape can be applied over the hole. If the umbrella being repaired is a vintage umbrella, a piece of matching fabric can be stitched over the hole, but the waterproof coating will need to be reapplied if this is done.

Step 2: Identify the metal

If the ribs or spine are broken, identify the type of metal it is to match the type of solder to use when fixing the broken metal parts.

Step 3: Solder the broken metal

Clean the metal by sanding it, and then solder it back to its original position. If it seems at all weak after soldering, wrap the soldered area in automotive duct tape.