How Can a Person Cut Wispy Bangs?

Wispy bangs are difficult to cut because they have a soft, slippery texture. If someone wants to cut their wispy bangs at home and makes a mistake, the person can always go into a salon to fix the look.

Cutting wispy bangs at home requires the right supplies, creativity and a steady hand.

Step 1: Gather the supplies

To trim bangs, a person needs to gather a comb and sharp scissors or pinking shears. The hair also needs to be completely dry, or the bangs can be trimmed jagged or too bluntly.

Step 2: Consider the type of bangs desired

Bangs frame the face, and the cut needs to be chosen before using the scissors. The person should look at photos online of celebrities that have similar face shapes and then choose a bang cut that fits that face shape. Using pinking shears can be the perfect way to get softer bangs that are more flattering around the face.

Step 3: Cut the bangs

To cut the bangs, first comb the hair in front. Then, take the bangs and twist them. Pull the hair up above the forehead and cut the bangs with the scissor's point facing the ceiling. Aim to cut vertically rather than horizontally to create a wispy bang.