How Can a Person Avoid Razor Bumps?

How Can a Person Avoid Razor Bumps?

Preventing razor bumps is as simple as doing some pre-shave preparation, using the right lubricant, selecting the right razor and using the proper shaving technique. Razor bumps, or razor burn, are caused by an irritation of the skin from shaving. It resembles a red rash with small bumps and can be itchy and painful.

A close shave is meant to leave one's skin smooth and soft. Razor bumps can be avoided by following just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Pre-shave preparation

Before taking a razor to any part of the body, prep the area by washing and exfoliating the skin first. It removes dead skin and oils that will clog the razor and prevent a smooth, close shave.

Step 2: Use the correct lubricant

Use a shaving cream that is rich in moisturizers and lubricants. Look for one that offers a rich lather rather than foam.

Step 3: Use the proper razor

A high-quality and sharp razor are necessary for a smooth, close shave. A dull blade creates resistance, and is more likely to cause irritation. A good rule of thumb is to change the razor every three to 10 shaves.

Step 4: Use the proper shaving technique

Let the razor do the work; do not press too hard, and use short strokes. Be sure to rinse the razor frequently during shaving.