Can Peroxide Bleach Hair Until It Turns White?

can-peroxide-bleach-hair-until-turns-white Credit: Aleksandar Zoric/E+/Getty Images

Peroxide can be used in combination with a bleaching agent to lighten hair until it turns white according to Clairol. Although it may be best to go to a professional hair stylist, it can be done at home using a bleaching kit.

To bleach hair until it is white, the volume or strength, of peroxide must be taken into consideration. Darker hair requires a stronger volume because it contains more pigment that needs to be removed. It is not recommended to use strengths above 30-volume peroxide. 30-volume peroxide should work for dark, medium brown and red hair. In the case of black hair, two 30-volume peroxides may be necessary.

For light brown, medium blonde, dark blonde or light red hair, 20-volume peroxide is strong enough to lighten until the hair turns white. People with light blonde, grey or white hair should use a lighter 10-volume peroxide. Kits of all strengths can be purchased at beauty supply stores.