How Can You Have Perfect Skin?


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A person may achieve the perfect skin for her age, overall health and level of fitness by taking daily preventative care of the skin. Regularly using a good moisturizer and a proper sun protector are two of the top ways to get perfect skin. Other ways to achieve perfect skin include avoiding sleeping in makeup and picking pimples, and getting rid of acne quickly, especially blackheads.

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Blackheads give the appearance of large pores and generally make the facial surface look less smooth. Blackheads and pimples may be removed with benzoyl peroxide or various types of salicylic acid cleansers that can be obtained over the counter.

Using sunscreen and hats to protect against damage from the sun is a key element to having perfect skin. Too much sun exposure can result in skin cancer and wrinkles.

Perfect-looking skin may also be the result of enhancing natural beauty with a little makeup. Choose good-quality products and shades that complement the skin. Instead of wearing powder that looks too heavy on the face and that has a tendency to settle into facial creases, opt for a light, translucent matte cream that can be reapplied throughout the day. Once makeup is applied, use a subtle highlighter to help give the skin a slight glow that doesn't look too shiny.

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