How Can I Find the Perfect Haircut?

How Can I Find the Perfect Haircut?

One of the most crucial elements in determining the perfect haircut is face shape. Matching the haircut style to the face shape emphasizes the best features of the face and de-emphasizes any flaws. Measure the length of the face and the width at the jaw line, the cheekbones and brow line to find the face shape.

Round faces looks best with asymmetrical hair cuts, especially when combined with side parts and side-swept bangs. Short, spiky cuts and pixie cuts are also good for round faces. So are long, layered cuts or long, asymmetrical bobs worn slightly mussed.

Pixie cuts also work well with heart-shaped faces, since they draw attention up and away from the pointed chin. A shoulder-length bob with side-swept bangs also helps create asymmetry for this face shape. Long, wavy cuts also work well with heart-shaped faces.

Blunt bangs can help de-emphasize the length of an oval face, as can a curly bob with side-swept bangs. Short cuts with strong bangs also look great on an oval face, as do angular bobs that hug the chin.

Square face shapes can be softened with short, asymmetrical bobs tapered at the chin. Cuts with lots of layers, which can be worn with a tousled look, also de-emphasize the squareness of the face. Long, wavy hair detracts from a square jaw line, as well.