Can People With Sensitive Skin Get Tattoos?

People with sensitive skin can get tattoos, but they should check to make sure that they are not allergic to the ingredients used in tattoo ink. Although allergic reactions to tattoo ink are rare, they can be hard to treat since the ink is difficult to remove.

Tattoo ink contains certain chemicals that can trigger an allergic reaction in people with sensitive skin. Red tattoo pigment has been reported to cause the most adverse reactions because it is derived from mercury. Other colors can be made from chromium, cadmium and cobalt. Additionally, tattoo ink can become contaminated and cause other infections.

People can develop allergies to the ink in tattoos years after getting them. Tattoo allergies are difficult to treat since the pigment is permanently injected into the dermis. People with particularly sensitive skin should consider whether they are prone to allergic reactions before getting a tattoo.