How Can You Order a Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog?

How Can You Order a Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog?

Paparazzi does not offer a printed copy of its catalog as of July 2015. However, the company's selection of accessories is available to browse and purchase online at

The company touts its lack of catalogs as a benefit to consumers. Paparazzi claims this model reduces the time people have to wait after placing an order. Buyers make their purchases directly through the company website or through independent sales consultants.

Paparazzi offers a selection of jewelry and accessories that changes frequently to keep up with current style trends. The company's inventory includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hair accessories. The website lets users filter results based on accessory type or accessory color.

Independent Paparazzi consultants offer an alternative to shopping on the company website. Online parties hosted through social media sites let potential customers browse a curated collection chosen by each consultant. These sales consultants have their own websites that link back to the main Paparazzi site.

Paparazzi is known for its single price point model. As of July 2015, all items listed on the company's website sell for $5 each. The accessories are designed in the United States and manufactured in China. Paparazzi advertises that the items listed for sale are lead- and nickel-free.