How Can One Get White Blonde Hair?

can-one-white-blonde-hair Credit: Piotr Stryjewski/Stone/Getty Images

Ultra-light blonde hair that is so thoroughly bleached that it appears white or silvery is difficult to achieve and, for most hair, requires thorough bleaching that many professional stylists are reluctant to perform because it may be damaging to hair, but a cool whitish tone can be achieved with bleached blonde hair through the use of toning products or purple shampoo. Toners will help those with blonde hair remove warm tones, including brassy shades such as red, yellow or orange tones, from the hair, leaving a cool blonde shade that is closer to white than a more yellowy, warm blonde color. Purple shampoo and conditioner can also give users a similar result, toning down blonde colors to be cooler and closer to a silver or white shade.

Toner is a chemical option that can be harsh on hair, so it may not be the best option for those who have opted to use a strong bleaching process that has already left hair a bit dry and damaged but is not as close to white as the individual would like. In this case, a purple shampoo and/or conditioner may be a more appealing alternative to harsh toners in order to remove warmth from blonde hair.