How Can One Get Thick, Long Hair Naturally?


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The best natural way to get thick hair is to be born with it, as genetics determine hair thickness more than anything else, and natural remedies may not be effective. Long hair can be grown, and there are a few natural remedies that can help keep hair soft and strong so it will not break. Breakage is one factor that can prevent long hair growth.

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How Can One Get Thick, Long Hair Naturally?
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Hair thickness is not easy to control, and treatments like hair extensions may be one of the most reliable and effective ways of adding thickness to the hair. The scenario is similar when it comes to hair length. Alt hough there are many products that claim to facilitate hair growth, many of these products are untested. Natural remedies for hair growth are often similarly untested, so claims that certain food products or oils cause rapid hair growth may not be accurate. Some products, such as olive oil, are touted as hair growth solutions, but it may be the conditioning and softening effects of these substances that lead to hair growth rather than any element in the product that actually stimulates hair follicles to grow more quickly. Like hair thickness, hair growth rate has more to do with genetics than anything else.

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