How Can One Tell If a Dior Bag Is Real?


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There are several ways to tell whether or not a Dior bag, or any other design bag, is real, such as checking for misspellings of the manufacturer, material of the bag and location of production. When checking the authenticity of a designer handbag, it is best to examine the bag in person. Ideally, people searching for a real bag at a source other than the company’s retail outlet should follow several simple guidelines to determine whether or not bags are real.

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One way to check the authenticity of a designer bag is to check the material from which it is made. Most, but not all designer bags are made of leather. Real bags made of leather have smooth, shiny and dry surfaces, while knockoff bags generally have a matte finish, are darker in color, and look and feel slippery and oily. Then, people can check to make sure that the seams and stitching forming the different parts of the bag match. Designers do not typically have logos with mismatched letters, which is another way to tell whether bags are real or fake. The pockets of bags should mirror those posted on designer website, some fake bags are missing pockets or have only zippers where the pockets should be. Lastly, location of production and misspellings of brand names can help distinguish a real bag from a fake.

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