How Can One Tell If a Breitling Navitimer Is Real?


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Assessing whether a timepiece is a genuine or counterfeit Breitling Navitimer requires careful examination. Breitling publishes the technical specifications for the full line of Navitimer watches on its website, allowing someone to compare the properties of a given watch with the known values for a particular genuine Breitling.

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Breitling takes care to make watches that exactly match a set of known specifications. For instance, the Navitimer 01 model features a face diameter of 43 millimeters. A watch with a face diameter that differs from this value, even slightly, is not an authentic Navitimer 01 watch.

Comparing the appearance of a watch to professional photos found on Breitling's website is also helpful in assessing the authenticity of a piece. For instance, the watch is not genuine if the placement of the three chronograph dials differs from the reference image.

Another clue that a watch is a genuine Breitling is found in the clarity of printing on the watch dial. Often, fakes feature smeared text that can be detected when an individual places the watch under a jeweler's loupe. Examining the quality of the Breitling logo can also reveal an imitation piece, as real Breitling watches feature a logo without any white space in the background. Finally, fake Breitling Navitimer watches may have sloppy, inaccurate timekeeping or may feature calendar functions in place of where the chronograph functions would normally be located.

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