How Can One Get Silky, Shiny Hair?


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There are different approaches to increasing the softness, smoothness and shininess of hair depending on texture, but overall, those people who want to make their hair shiny can purchase shine-enhancing products or use an at-home shine-enhancing rinse made with making soda and apple cider vinegar. Using a moisturizing deep conditioner can also help improve shine, and it will also help smooth rough-textured hair to make it softer to the touch. These remedies will work for either curly or straight hair, though more specialized steps can be taken for either hair type.

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How Can One Get Silky, Shiny Hair?
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Those people who want to improve the shine and texture of their curly hair can take a few different steps to achieve desired hair texture and appearance results. One basic step is to avoid using direct-heat blow drying techniques, which can dry out hair. Dryness can lead to roughness, both of which reduce hair's shininess. Additionally, specialized products for curly hair, such as a frizz-reducing styling serum, typically help boost shine, and they also protect the hair from heat styling.

Steps for straight-haired folks to enhance silkiness are similar; there are specialized styling products that are designed to be added to the hair prior to blow drying or other heat styling. These products help seal the hair's cuticle, which smooths out the overall texture of each strand.

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