How Can One's Complexion Be Improved?

can-one-s-complexion-improved Credit: Leland Bobbe/Stone/Getty Images

There are several ways to improve the condition and complexion of skin, which may include being aware of dietary factors, using topical masks and creams, limiting sun exposure and even reducing stress. Although individuals can use several methods to improve the complexion of their skin, some external and genetic factors influence the overall appearance of skin. Women and individuals with lower levels of melanin typically have skin with lighter complexions than men and people who live closer to the equator.

Regardless of skin color and gender, all people can use the same methods to improve the appearance and vitality of their skin. One of the simplest ways to improve one's complexion is to drink plenty of fluids and maintain a diet that is balanced and includes essential nutrients and minerals, which will stimulate hair growth and improve the skin's texture. Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables is a good way to absorb vitamins and nutrients that support hair growth, while drinking water keeps skin hydrated and reduces the emergence of lines and wrinkles. Regularly washing the skin with soap removes impurities, and applying a complexion mask, ideally one to three times each week, made from a base of fruit or milk helps to reduce inflammation and unclog pores.