How Can One Get Rid of Red Spots on the Face?


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To get rid of red spots on the face, one should use sunscreen at all times, exfoliate and use skin lighteners. When using skin care products to manage red spots on the face, it is advisable to do so after consulting a skin care expert or doctor.

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The following techniques can help just about anyone get rid of red spots on the face.

  1. Use of sunscreen
  2. While most people believe a sunscreen is only useful to those who have no spots, the truth is that it is helpful to everyone. Failure to use a sunscreen may result in development of more spots.
  3. Exfoliation
  4. This is a process whereby one gets rid of old skin and allows new skin to develop. This can be done by various products including scrubs and washcloths. As the old layer of skin fades out, new skin will start to show making the marks appear faded and over time will completely disappear.
  5. Use of skin lighteners
  6. These may include things like vitamin C, kojic acid, arbutin and licorice extract. By lightening the skin, the red spots will start fading away over time. It is important to follow instructions when using these products in order to avoid any side effects that may otherwise develop.
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