How Can One Reduce the Melanin in the Skin?

Melanin in the skin can be reduced by avoiding harmful UV rays, applying good sunscreen, following home remedy solutions for existing melanin and by eating foods rich in vitamins C, E and A. A patient experiencing issues with excessive melanin production can have problems such as hyperpigmentation, skin disorders, malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, adrenal disorder, liver disorder and negative hormonal changes.

A person should begin their melanin reduction program by taking a hard look at their current diet. A person's diet will need to be rich in vitamin A as this helps to exfoliate hyper pigmented dead skin. Vitamin C is also important as it decreases the skin's natural production of melanin. Vitamin E helps reduce the hyper pigmentation, which is a byproduct of excessive melanin production.

Next, a person should look to avoid harmful UV rays. In the middle of the day, the UV rays are at their worst and a person should try to stay inside or wear appropriate clothing. Applying a good sunscreen lotion throughout the day will help to protect the body and take care of excessive melanin production.

For people who already have problems related to melanin production, they can try homemade remedies, such as sandalwood and rose water. This mixture can be applied directly to dark melanin areas on the body. An almond paste is also an effective homemade solution and consists of 4-5 almonds soaked overnight, ground in the morning with the skin removed and a teaspoon of milk added.