How Can One Reduce the Appearance of an Old Scar With Home Remedies?

How Can One Reduce the Appearance of an Old Scar With Home Remedies?

There are different home remedies that can reduce the appearance of an old scar, including organic raw honey, castor oil, vitamins K and E, aloe vera, tea tree oil and sandalwood. An organic raw honey, such as manuka honey, may help to heal wounds or scars. One can apply a small amount of honey on scars twice a day.

Manuka honey has antibacterial properties and can promote the growth of new skin cells. Using either a vitamin K cream or vitamin E oil on a scar may diminish its appearance. However, these remedies may take time before a person sees some results.

Aloe vera and castor oil are other home remedies used for scars. When applied a few times a day, aloe vera juice may help with acne scars and sooth small burns. Using plastic wrap, a heating pad and castor oil for an old scar may help to improve its appearance in about a week. This remedy involves rubbing castor oil on the affected area, placing plastic wrap over it, and putting a heating pad over this for about 20 minutes. However, the plastic wrap should not have bisphenol A.

A paste made from combining sandalwood powder and rose water may be beneficial for acne scars. One applies the paste to the scar, leaves it on overnight, and then rinses it off in the morning. Likewise, tea tree oil is also helpful for acne scars.

Scars can be the result of an injury, cut or acne and are part of the healing process. Home remedies may help with some scars. However, severe scarring may require other treatments like surgical removal and injections.