How Can One Reduce Acne Redness?


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Different remedies can be used to reduce the redness associated with acne, including hydrocortisone cream to reduce swelling and irritation and concealing makeup to cover the blemish. No matter what remedy is used, it is important to avoid further irritating or damaging the skin, otherwise further and more persistent redness can occur. Avoiding picking the skin or scrubbing roughly is one way to avoid making the redness worse.

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There are a lot of different ways to reduce the skin redness that is caused by blemishes. For small-scale blemish issues, simply covering the blemish with concealing makeup may be an effective means of reducing the appearance of redness. Green-tinted concealer is said to help cancel out the appearance of redness in skin. Those with larger-scale redness issues may not want to use heavy makeup because it can not only make the acne problem worse, but can also cause a cakey makeup appearance on the skin.

Treating the problem at the source is the main alternative to using makeup. Application of hydrocortisone cream may help with some of the swelling and redness, but there are multiple other options if that method does not work. Redness-reducing eye drops can be applied to the skin in order to reduce acne-related redness, and ice can also be used to reduce swelling and irritation.

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