Where Can One Find Pantera Tattoos?


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There are many websites that showcase a wide variety of Pantera tattoos, including the band's official website and Heavy Metal Tattoos. The Texas heavy metal band inspires strong devotion in its fan base, and these sites feature plenty of inventive, high-quality tattoos honoring the band.

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Pantera's official website features a photo gallery with over 300 tattoos inspired by the band. The site showcases many simpler, text-based pieces, from the band's iconic block letter logo to the classic "Cowboys from Hell" symbol. Many pieces also feature elaborate imagery celebrating the band's southern metal heritage, such as skulls, flames and Confederate flags. Pictures of the band members themselves are also common. Especially popular are tattoo tributes to Dimebag Darrell, the band's departed guitarist. Darrell was shot and killed onstage on December 8, 2004 in Columbus, Ohio, during a concert with his other band, Damageplan. Images of Darrel's face are quite common, as are pieces featuring his signature Dean ML guitar. Pieces with lead singer Phil Anselmo are also popular. Heavy Metal Tattoos features a range of fan-submitted Pantera tattoo images, including some particularly elaborate back pieces. Also of note are pieces depicting the band's iconic album covers, such as the cover of 1992's "Vulgar Display of Power," which shows a fist in the act of punching a man's face.

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