Where Can One Mine for Garnets?


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There are several states where garnets may be mined, including California, Nevada, Alaska, New York, Colorado and Virginia, among many others. Many of these locations are in creek and river beds.

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In California, white to pale green grossularite garnets may be mined along Traverse Creek near Georgetown and on Indian Creek in Siskiyou County. Almandite garnet is along Hampton Creek Canyon in Nevada. There are Wrangell garnets along the Stikine River near Wrangell Island. The almandite-bearing diorite can be found at Gore Mountain in New York and, in Willsboro, it is recovered as a byproduct of wollastonite mining. Spessarite garnets are found on Ruby Mountain in Chaffee County in Colorado. Morefield and Rutherford in Virginia have produced gem-quality garnets. A particularly beautiful large garnet was found in Rutherford, called the Rutherford Lady. This weighs more than 2,800 carats.

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