How Can One Make French Braids on Both Sides of the Head?


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The process for making two French braids on either side of the head, also known as French braid pigtails, is similar to that of making a single French braid centered at the back of the head; the biggest difference in the two techniques is that the hair must be cleanly parted and kept separate during the process of braiding pigtails. To achieve this clean separation of each section of hair, the braider should part the hair cleanly and gather each section into an elastic band that will be removed when it's time to start braiding that section.

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Once the hair has been separated into two sections and secured with elastic bands, the braider should choose one section on which to begin braiding. It doesn't really matter whether the braider starts with the left side or the right. Following the steps for a regular French braid, including gathering a small section of hair into each strand as it's braided, the braider should complete the French braid on one side of the head before starting with the other. As with standard singular French braids, many braiders find it easier to work on damp hair to ensure all of the strands stick together and get smoothly incorporated into the braid.

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