How Can One Look Pretty Without Makeup?

How Can One Look Pretty Without Makeup?

Looking pretty without makeup means accessing one's natural beauty. Focusing on radiant skin, a flattering hairstyle and a white smile helps anyone look good without makeup, as does dressing in colors that complement skin and hair colors.

Keys to radiant skin include cleansing well and protecting the skin. A double-cleanse method can keep the skin clear. First, the skin is washed with an oil cleanser that removes bacteria without drying the skin then gently massaged in a foam cleanser and rinsed. Doctors recommend using a broadband sunscreen with a minimum 15 SPF, which keeps wrinkles and brown spots from forming.

Another essential ingredient to looking good without makeup is a flattering haircut. Round faces need part of the haircut to stop at the cheek, which gives the area definition. Square jaws work well with curls or texture at the end of the style. Heart-shaped faces need side-swept bangs, while long faces require layers that break up the lines of the face. Layered, shoulder-length cuts tend to be flattering for all face shapes.

For a white smile, the teeth may be brightened with a commercial whitener. Those looking for a brighter smile should enjoy foods that naturally enhance white teeth, such as nuts, dairy products, apples and celery.

Wearing clothing in colors complementary to a person's natural coloring accentuates the features. Look for hues that are opposite on the color wheel to the feature in question. For instance, corals make blue eyes pop, and green is becoming for people with red hair.