How Can One Look More Like Lily Collins?

Lily Collins is a young woman with dark hair, large eyes, thick eyebrows and full lips; these traits are easy to emulate with cosmetics, including hair dye, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, mascara or fake lashes, lip liner and lipstick. There are plenty of pictures of Ms. Collins, who is an American actress and model, that can be used as inspiration for a hair and makeup look inspired by her style.

Styling oneself to look more like Lily Collins (daughter of the famous musician Phil Collins) is a fairly simple process, particularly if the DIY stylist in question already has some of Ms. Collins' signature traits, including her full, dark eyebrows. If not, the eyebrows are fairly simple to fill in. Though Ms. Collins' eyebrows are quite dark, they match her overall coloring, and those with particularly fair skin and hair may want to use a lighter color to fill in their brows.

In addition to dark brows and dark hair, Lily Collins' makeup looks tend to emphasize her large eyes. Eyeliner pencil and thick mascara or even false lashes can be used to emulate this doe-eyed look. Similar emphasis should be placed on the lips. Those with naturally thin lips may want to use a lip liner to draw a slightly larger lip around their own natural shape and fill it in with lipstick.