How Can One Look Good in a Photo With Pimples?

How Can One Look Good in a Photo With Pimples?

One way to look good in a photo even with pimples is to cover them with makeup beforehand. Another way is to use photo editing software to remove the blemishes from the picture.

If a pimple shows up before a photo opportunity, use Visine to tone down the redness. Soak a cotton ball with Visine, and hold it over the pimple for five minutes.

Next, dip a pointed-bristle brush into a concealer that completely matches the skin. Press the brush on top of the pimple and twist slightly. Twisting the brush helps cover all aspects of the pimple. Repeat this procedure until the pimple is completely covered. Use the pad of your finger to tap around the edges of the concealer to blend it in.

Use a makeup brush or sponge to apply foundation all the way to the perimeter of the concealer. Mix loose powder with talc or cornstarch, and lightly tap it over the pimple. Use a brush to apply the powder over the rest of the face.

Another option for looking good in photos with pimples is to use photo editing software such as Facetune, Pixtr and Perfect365. Facetune is for iPhones, and it allows users to remove acne from photos. Pixtr automatically detects and corrects problems such as acne. Perfect365 allows users to program options such as makeup or blemish removal into the software.