Where Can One Find Hip-Hop Tattoos?


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Some websites that feature hip hop tattoos include Hip Hop My Way and Hot New Hip Hop. Hip Hop My Way focuses on famous rappers and their iconic tattoos, while Hip Hop My Way focuses on the influence of gang culture on modern hip hop tattoos.

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Hip Hop My Way features images of some of the most famous tattoos in hip hop, along with information on their origins. For example, while he's commonly associated with California, Tupac Shakur actually got his iconic "Thug Life" stomach tattoo in Houston. The site features many other famous hip hop tattoos, including David Banner's "Mississippi" back piece, Stalley's "Know More" knuckle tattoos, Lloyd Banks' "Rotten Apple" back piece, Paul Wall's arm sleeve pieces and Eve's chest piece. Hot New Hip Hop offers an examination of some of the most popular images in hip hop tattoos, tracing their roots in gang culture. Angel wings, sported by rappers including Pharrell, Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa, signify sublimity and the idea that their wearer does not fear death. Skulls, such as the ones worn by Tupac Shakur, historically indicated high status within a gang. A skull can also represent that its wearer has murdered someone. Regional pride is a common theme within hip hop tattoos, with many rappers representing their city or region on their bodies. Popular examples include The Game's "Compton" tattoo and 50 Cent's "Southside" tattoo.

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