How Can One Highlight Hair Naturally?

can-one-highlight-hair-naturally Credit: Walter Zerla/age fotostock/Getty Images

One can highlight hair naturally with some simple ingredients, such as honey, vinegar, lemon juice, chamomile tea and beer. Although these home remedies can help lighten hair, the effect is subtle.

The juice of one to two lemons applied to the hair with a brush can produce subtle highlights. After applying the juice, it is important to go out into the sun, which acts as a bleaching agent.

Similarly, using a combination of 1 cup of distilled vinegar, a half cup of raw honey, a half tablespoon each of virgin olive oil and cardamon can highlight hair naturally. It is best to apply this mixture with a brush to damp hair on the areas where the desired highlights should be. Afterward, the person should cover the hair in plastic wrap and leave it on overnight. In the morning, they should then wash out the mixture. Alternatively, one can just use honey and apply it to damp hair. The person should sit in the sun for about 2 hours, and then wash the hair.

Another method to obtain highlights naturally is to use chamomile tea. After making a pot of chamomile tea, the tea should be cooled down and poured into a spray bottle. The person should then spray the hair in the areas that are to be lightened, sit in the sun for an hour, and then rinse the hair. With this method, lightening effects are gradual and may require that one repeat this process.

Beer is another option that may lighten hair. A person can simply take a bucket and add a few light beers to it before dunking the hair into the bucket. They should then go out into the sun for an hour before washing the beer from their hair.