How Can One Do Foil Highlights at Home?


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Adventurous do-it-yourself beauticians can perform foil highlighting at home by familiarizing themselves with the technique, assembling the proper equipment and closely following given instructions on their chosen highlighter or other hair dye. This is a somewhat complex process, and only the most confident and experienced DIY beauticians should attempt to do this process at home. It may be helpful to have a friend to help separate sections at the back of the head.

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How Can One Do Foil Highlights at Home?
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There are a couple of different techniques used in highlighting the hair, including weaving and slicing, that involve separating hair to be highlighted using different methods to achieve a different look, from a more natural and blended highlight to a stark, distinct stripe. It may be a good idea to research these methods prior to attempting to foil highlight one's own hair. After the methods have been determined, materials such as foil that has been cut into appropriate size for the hair being dyed (4x5 inches is a good starting point) and a brush with which to apply the hair dye should be assembled. DIY beauticians may want to make sure they are in an adequately ventilated area prior to mixing strong chemicals to be used in the foil highlighting process.

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