How Can One Fix a Cowlick?

How Can One Fix a Cowlick?

How Can One Fix a Cowlick?

To fix a cowlick, saturate the roots, apply a lightweight styling product, blow the cowlick dry, and clip it flat against your head until it cools. This 30-minute procedure requires an empty spray bottle, water, a fine-toothed comb, a light styling product, a blow dryer and bobby pins.

  1. Wet the cowlick

    Fill a clean spray bottle with lukewarm water, and screw on the cap. Isolate the cowlick by pinning the surrounding hair out of the way. Hold the bottle about 12 inches from your head, and spray the cowlick with water.

  2. Apply a styling product

    Apply a lightweight styling product to the roots of the cowlick, and distribute it with a fine-toothed comb. Use the comb to position the cowlick flat against your head.

  3. Dry the cowlick

    Unpin your hair. Hold a blow dryer near your scalp, and point it down the shaft of the cowlick. Use the comb to hold your hair in place while you dry it.

  4. Pin the cowlick in place

    Secure the dry cowlick with bobby pins, and keep the pins in until the hair cools. Keep the cowlick in place all day with a generous mist of flexible-hold hairspray. For better staying power, keep the pins in overnight, and apply hairspray the following morning.