How Can One Eliminate Burn Scars?


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Some of the options to treat or remove burn scars include skin grafts, excision, dermabrasion and laser surgery, states WebMD. Skin grafts are the most common method for removing burn scars, and the process involves taking skin from another part of the body.

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Scarring occurs naturally when an injury starts to heal, says WebMD. The most essential factors that affect the appearance and treatment of scars include the depth, size and location of the wound. Other critical factors include a person’s age, genes, gender and ethnicity. While scars usually fade over time, they don't entirely disappear. However, some treatment methods can help decrease the size of scars and improve their appearance.

Burn scars, also called contracture scars, can affect a person’s movement because they tighten the skin, explains WebMD. They also reach deeper skin layers and affect muscles and nerves. Surgery usually helps treat scarring that causes functional problems. If an individual develops scars because of a recent surgery, dermatologists advise waiting for a year before undergoing a particular scar treatment.

Keloid scars can also impede an individual’s movement, according to WebMD. Recommended treatments for keloid scars include surgery, steroid injections and silicone sheets. Other types of scars are hypertrophic scars, which are red scars that appear within the area of the injury, and acne scars, which result from severe acne.

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