How Can One Dress Like a Cowgirl?

can-one-dress-like-cowgirl Credit: Blake Little/Stone/Getty Images

Cowgirl clothing is quite similar to cowboy clothing, including cowboy hats and boots, jeans, chaps, spurs, belt buckles, Western-style shirts and leather vests. In some cases, cowgirl clothing can trade skirts for jeans, although this is not as functional and should be used for costume wear rather than actual horseback riding. Cowgirl costumes in general can be more flashy than utilitarian cowgirl wear, including large pieces of Western jewelry or beaded embellishments on clothing items.

Cowgirls were (and are) real, working women who were as essential to the founding of the American West as their male, cowboy counterparts. The clothing these professionals wore were designed for utility, and even the characteristic large hats are designed to protect the wearer's face and neck from the harsh sun that can be experienced on the open range. Accessories like bandanas are also useful. These pieces of fabric help protect the nose and mouth from dust that gets kicked up when horses and cows move across dry range land.

Those people who are simply looking for a cowgirl look for costume purposes may want to focus on iconic Western wear looks, including full skirts, cowboy boots, large leather belts with metallic buckles, fringed shirts or vests and silver jewelry with turquoise accents.